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Protection From Mother In Law

Approx Price: Rs 500 / Consultation/Onwards 

We are not Against this Relation at all. We respect Good Mother in laws and Suggest to take good care of them to all the women around. Well, then you must be wondering that why we have given such a Strong and Bold Heading to this Page.

The Reason:

Your mails, your sms’s, your chats, your phone calls, the conversations that we had with several newly married women and even women being married for 17 years now, said only one thing :- “ Our Marriage is Breaking or our Lives are Miserable because of our Mother in laws”. Even many of them said that “Our Husbands are only Spending Time and only Listening to our Mother in laws and we are fed up of our Marriage and our Married lives too. Some of the Women, even went and got themselves Aborted due to the Torture given by their Mother in laws, and few went ahead and filled Divorce due to their Husbands siding their Mother in laws.

These were just Few of their Reasons that we have mentioned here. Which Provoked us to Create a Page with this Heading and Come out Openly on Website to Promote and make all of you Aware about this Problem which has Destroyed Many Married Couples Lifes.

This Proves a very Famous saying in hindi that {“ Aurat hi Aurat ki Sabse Badi Dushman Hoti Hai.”} Women becomes the biggest enemy of another women at times “. It’s a SHAME for all these sorts of Mother in laws who torture their Daughter in laws till such Great  Levels that they want to end their life too.

In our Vedas Goddess are prayed and every women is considered to be a Reflection of these Goddess, “ But see the effect of todays kalyug” that the “ bad acts that today’s women are doing , have made them to be compared to witches now….Categories of Evil Mother in Laws
1.Staying with their husbands and having a control over the whole house accounts and family members

2. Single Mother in laws with evil practices:

Hence if you are facing any of these problems then come to Goddess Kali’s Shelter and make your lives better to live, and get the Shakti /Power from Goddess Kali to fight back against any of the evil practices and the tortures that you have faced till now, by your Mother- in –law

Goddess kali will help you:

1.  if done by your Mother in law for controlling her son or destroying your married life

2. Give you your self- confidence back.

3. Give you the strength to answer back to you your Mother in law when she is wrong

4. Get out of self pity mode.

5. Be financially independent to take care of yourself

Have faith in Goddess Kali and Never Forget that “NO EVIL can stand in front of  ”Goddess Kali,” so Come and Surrender to this DIVINE , KIND GODDESS

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