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Jyotish Astrology Services

Jyotish Vidya Services

Approx Price: Rs 500 / Consultation/Onwards 
We offer all types of Jyotish Vidya Services. These all services are rendered by the expertise who have well known for there services render and experience.

Specialist in Kundli

Approx Price: Rs 500 / Consultation/Onwards 
We have last 15 year Specialist in kundli, marriage / astro service Specialized services for Janam Patri or Kundali. It is generally prepared based on person's birth-details, and it finds out all astrological information about person and his life. One's Ascendant (lagna), Zodiac sign (Rasi), and movement or position of planets in horoscope influences his life from infant, adolescent, adult to old age.

We provide services in all over India.

Shubh Muhurat Related Services

Approx Price: Rs 500 / Consultation/Onwards 
Our vedic astrologers are expert enough to find out favorable positions of planets and stars by undertaking all the calculation, the experts offer necessary remedies to curb the favorable time.


Shubh Muhurat, The auspicious time, where doshas are minimized and Benefit Yogas are maximized.


OurShubh Muhurat related services comprises following related events:


  • Marriage
  • Moving into new home
  • Starting new Business/Changing jobs/start on a new job (Incorporating New Company)
  • Filing Claims /Applications (Lawsuits for Victory)
  • Attacking the enemy (Making Hostile Bids/Taking Aggressive Action / War)
  • Coronation (Swearing in of Heads of State)
  • Start Medication for Speedy Recovery
  • Start Construction Activity (Laying of Foundation Stone)
  • Making Investments
  • Start Learning a New Skill /Education
  • Long Travel / Business Travel
  • Sowing of Seed (Start working on Farm)
  • Start Religious Events
  • Other events
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